AH2 (type rating) will not connect with xplane

  • hello im new here ( Netherlands)
    AH 2 will not connect to xplane. when i do a type rating, ah will startup xplane. (thats all)
    after "resume last flight" everything starts.
    but no matter what i do ,i see no massage for taxi or takeoff.
    also i dont see myself on the (type rating map) in ah2.

    I have tried -start with running engine, cold start, taxi aroud, reinstall AH2 , .
    the simconnect.exe in AH2 is only for fsx and prepar.

    is someone knowing whats going on, please help me.
    (sorry for my bad english)

  • JF Staff

    Please refer to the dedicated AH2 forum - https://ah2.justflight.com/