DC-8 in v5

  • Hello Justflight, I was curious if the DC-8 will work in v5 as it is now and or if it doesn't are there plans to update it to v5?

  • an updated version of the DC-8-73F for P3Dv5 would be great.
    @JF: Any plans to do that?

  • JF Staff

    @PeteFly82 In all honesty no, we don't have the capacity and there are a number of other projects on the go currently I'm afraid.

  • @PeteFly82
    Not sure if it's of any interest but I have The DC-8-63 working in P3D V5 with the only problem being that the start switches don't work properly but Control + E works fine. I re-downloaded both the 10-40 and 50-70, selected P3D V4 but pointed the installation to P3D V5 and it all worked at least for me. Repaints have been a but finicky but I have been able to install two which after some tweaking work fine.
    Nice airplane in V5 - for me it seems better than V4. Haven't tested the autopilot but the Just flight version of the FMC takes inputs correctly although I still have to try a route.
    All in all pretty good progress so far,
    Hope this helps


  • @aspen31
    Hi again
    Tested the autopilot today and it seems as good as the original - just like to original it is not very user friendly - usable once you figure it out. In any case it seems functional in P3d V5.
    Warren (aspen31)

  • Installed me too..the only problem are the green nav lights that gives a green tint on the right side of the airplane