Hawk T.1

  • Well I've bought, downloaded and installed the latest version of the JF Hawk T.1.
    I must say I am somewhat disappointed.
    One of the main issues seems to be remaining from as far back as 2017.
    That is the buttons and switches in the cockpit become unusable after a short time. It is possible to start the engines via the icon panel (shift+1) and get flying, but all operations have to be done via the keyboard which is limiting.
    What is more, I've not been able to get the gun sight to work at all.
    Not good. Especially since this issue seems to have been around for some time as I found when trawling the forum.
    Has anyone else experienced these issues? and Have they found a solution?

  • @simon-monckmason
    I feel quite let down by Just Flight.
    I did get a response from the support team, but they only suggested moving the view point forward, but like someone else on the old forum, that didn't work. As far as I can tell he didn't get a resolution either.
    So now I have a very nice and expensive bit of eye candy.
    Really disappointed.

  • JF Staff


    Sorry to hear you are disappointed but the software has been out for some time and what you describe is not something we've ever come across here or with any of our testers over the years. Therefore, it must be fixable on the user's machine.
    We've suggested changing the viewpoint as that has worked for others. It could be something linked to screen resolution? Otherwise, not sure what to suggest.

  • @Derek
    Thank you to the Just Flight support team. Although they were unable to resolve the issues I had with this aircraft, they did offer to refund me, for which I am very grateful.