For what it's worth

  • Dear JF team. I must say I would LOVE to see this addon as well as the upcoming A300 to be released for FSX. Yes in 2020 I am one of those who refuses to leave FSX even with FS2020 on the horizon. With as many FSX addons and scenery I have I can't justify abandoning everything all in the name of "latest and greatest". For me personally FSX does the job even if it does lack in some ways, I don't see myself moving forward, at least for the next several years.

    So for what it's worth JF team I speak on behalf of those like myself when I say the FSX community needs this bird. I do have the 747 re-upload from the CLS model. However we need a true-to-life 747 classic in the community. I really hope we get to fly this wonderful creation of the classic!

  • JF Staff

    An FSX version is not actively being worked on right now, but it's not something that we've completely ruled out either. We had planned to do an FSX version right after finishing the 64bit version. However, the time we were going to spend doing that now needs to be put into learning the new skills required to develop for MS2020.
    Hopefully somebody in our network of developers will be able to take it on and produce an FSX version. Fingers crossed as I'm sure there are plenty of people who would still like to see it in FSX.

  • @Rich just curious, have you guys been given access to the MSFS2020 SDK? If you're not allowed to disclose that information, do ignore this reply, but I was just curious if you guys were already working on porting some addons to the new flight sim in time for release, and if you guys are, how complicated would it be, as complex as porting from FSX to P3D or much more?

  • JF Staff

    We are assessing the development of products for FS2020 but it's currently too early to provide anymore information on that, other than to say that we intend to support it.