Stall and spin behaviour

  • The stall and spin behaviour seems wrong. I'm very new student, so correct me if I've got it wrong.

    According to my book, stall should result in a sudden drop of the nose. What happens to my Warrior in the sim is that the nose just bobbles around on the horizon with a gradual yaw to the (typically right).

    As for spinning, I'm hitting the stall, stomping on the right rudder pedal and the plane just slews gradually off to the side, almost like it's just side slipping. It never really enters a spin.

    I compared this with the behaviour of the stock Cessna 172 and that plane behaves exactly as my book says it should.

    Are there any known issues with JustFlight's Warrior flight model? If not, how do I report a bug?

  • JF Staff

    Please get in touch with the support team and they'll be able to forward this information on to the X-Plane development team for review -