P3Dv5 for L-1011

  • Is there any development to update L-1011 to P3Dv5 from v4?

  • JF Staff

    It should work just by changing the installer path. Use the Browse button when the path to v4 is shown. Its not one that we've tested in v5 yet, so if you come across any problems then please do let us know!

  • I recently purchased the Tristar for V5 and I have some questions when following the tutorial flight:

    On page 131 (section configuring the autopilot) it says:

    "Switch on the flight director by right-clicking on either of the two FD switches.
    Both switches will move to the centre ON position and the yellow flight director
    command bars will appear on the attitude direction indicator."

    Right clicking does nothing. Left click switches the FD switch to on, but not both at the same time. Also the yellow FDF command bars do not come in. See positions 4 and 5 in Tristar1.jpg.

    Also on page 131 it says:

    Click on the NAV switch to engage navigation hold mode. When we engage the autopilot
    after take-off the aircraft will turn to intercept the first leg of our route.

    Clicking the NAV switch does not show a green "NAV" but just an orange spot, see position 1 in Tristar1.jpg.

    On page 132 it says:

    We will initially climb to 10,000ft so rotate the ALTITUDE SELECT knob until 10000 is
    shown in the window and press the ARM switch.

    Pressing the Arm switch does nothing, see position 2 in Tristar1.jpg.

    Also on page 132 it says:

    Finally, rotate the IAS knob until 220 is shown in the speed window..

    I cannot rotate the IAS knob, just nothing happens. See position 3 in Tristar1.jpg.

    Also, the Aviation Master switch is "Inop", see Tristar2.jpg.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/y0seb5dzw1p2i8d/Tristar 1.jpg?dl=0

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/fc190k6imi8696i/Tristar 2.jpg?dl=0

    Anyone can help, or should I go to support for that? I did not use the Tristar in V4, so I am not sure if what I observed are really bugs or if I'm just doing something wrong. If appropriate, I can also do a video.