DC-6 discussion forum thread dead?

  • Is discussion of the DC-6 dead?

  • JF Staff

    I think the product dates from 2012, so at this point it's not going to be a hot-topic. We recently switched forums so all of the previous discourse is going to be over on the old version that you can access from the link on the forum home page.
    Otherwise, post away. If there are still people either using or with a working memory of the product I'm sure they'll join in 👍

  • @Rich
    This is a really nice flying plane and I am still flying it in Northern Australia and heading for Indonesia and Papua New Guinea! I don't know about other customers, but when I buy an aircraft add-on, and like it, I want to keep it in my PC Hanger for years! Regular upgrades and compatibility issues would be welcome. This particular add-on is not a "study-level" aircraft, but gives you a real chance to practice navigation using VOR, NDBs and there is a GPS for those so inclined. One thing that would really help sales on this plane and other older add-ons - make sure it will run on FSX Steam and other current and upcoming new simulators.

    Happy Flying "UpYonder."