Removing the Tower

  • Hi,
    I know how to attach the tow bar to the Duchess 76 - I use the fly out menu - but how do you remove the tow bar? The logical way would be to click on the same icon on the fly out menu but this doesn't work. Is this a bug, or is there a way to remove it?

  • My title should have said "Tow bar", NOT Tower!!!!!!!

  • JF Staff

    Hi Tony,

    You should be able to disable the tow bar by disabling the forwards/backwards arrows on the tow bar 2D panel (they should both be grey when disabled versus red when enabled).

  • Hi Martyn,

    Thanks for that - it works. I feel slightly stupid now for not working that out myself!!!!!!!

    Just another question if that's OK! When I load the Duchess I get a "crashing" sound - is this normal? This doesn't affect anything else and the aircraft flies fine, so I'm happy to live with this initial noise but just curious as to what might cause it?