• Having been a user of FS2004 in the past I would like to get back into Flight Sim. The question is which is the best product which can be subjective. I know of FSK, X-Plane etc and the impending new Microsoft product but can anybody advise on the most suitable product.

  • @Time-on-target
    All depends on what you want out of the sim and how much money you're willing to sink into both a rig that'll run it satisfactorily plus any payware addons for it,
    Though there's a mountain of both free and commercial addons available for FSX, support for 32bit programs is definitely waning.
    That basically leaves you with P3D or X-Plane, unless you want to wait for the release of MS2020, whenever that'll be.
    P3D's EULA excludes it's use for 'entertainment' purposes, though there's a growing amount of freeware (take a look at or and commercial addons available. (eg: JustFlight...😇 )
    X-Plane is downloadable as a limited but fully functional demo, so you can at least try it out.
    Every simmer will have their own the end it'll be your individual choice.