Super VC10 PFPX Profile

  • Hi all,
    A few weeks ago I put together a (very) basic PFPX profile for the Super VC10, based largely on data from the technical manual provided on As there does not appear to be any other flight planning profiles for the VC10 available on the web, I thought I would share this one with you all. I have tested the profile myself with a flight from London to Beirut (EGLL-OLBA) and found fuel-burn to be within acceptable standards (I hope to test it more once I am able to resolve some of the technical problems I have been having with the product).
    You can download it from my google drive here

    Installation is via the standard method of inserting new aircraft types into PFPX, simply copy and paste the document into C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\PFPX Data\AircraftTypes

    I should note that this profile is by no means refinined to the standards of other PFPX profiles available on the Web, making these things are quite time consuming and the data available on is limited compared to what is required by PFPX (unfortunately the whole manual is not included, so descent information for example is not included). The result is a somewhat slap-dash profile which I hope to improve in the future using information from other sources (hence the version no, is only 0.1). Loading is also somewhat of a pain with the default P3D loader, however a custom loader for the VC10 should be coming shortly after the release of the 747 Classic.
    Please take this into account before using this profile, I'd reccommend you load a fair amount of extra fuel to avoid having to Divert!