Helgoland and P3Dv5 problem ?

  • Hello,

    1. I have not understood why it was not possible to transfer my previous account in the forum;
    2. My concern now is about the P3Dv5 version of Helgoland I purchased a few months ago. I downloaded and installed the new version for v5.
    • in P3D scenery library this scene has the priority 1 and is grey coloured. I can't do anything to manage it.
    • even if my configuration is not a top end (DELL ALW R15) when flying above the village there is a severe drop in the FPS (lower than 5 and before between 20 and 35).

    Thank you very much for comments.
    Best regards.

    PS : core i7 6700hq, 32 GB RAM but because temperature problems I set the maximum power state at 0.95. Perhaps it is answer. But I would like to have a confirmation.