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    Well, that proved me wrong. I got a response. My issue is that I feel let down by JF in so much as that they have what I consider, so far, the best Dakota that I have found so far. But I have asked on many occasions if the Legends of Flight can be made to run on P3D (now v4) or if JF intend to bring out a P3D version. I have spent £30 on the Aeroplane Heaven C47, which is very realistic but has sound issues.
    Sorry I know I'm not the only one who has probes at this difficult time and understand our this wonderful hobby will be of great benefit to those who are perhaps on their own. Anyway folks stay safe enjoying pc flying and hope to see you at2021 Cosford.
    John Caselton

    Are you asking "will the DC3 work in P3D V4"?

    If so, we have never tried it AFAIK. It's pretty old and wasn't developed in-house so we would need source code if we wished to modify it significantly and we don't have that. Have you tried installing it in P3D?

    Also - have you raised a support ticket about this?

  • Hi Derek.
    I have raised this question more than once in the past 2 years. But if raising a ticket will get me an answer. I will try it. But I already have ticket pending on Aeroplane Heaven C47 sound issues.

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    We won't be able to resolve AH sound issues - their new products aren't published by us - we are just selling them. If you need support you will need to contact AH direct. Also, I would imagine the sounds 'are what they are' but AH may, of course, reply differently if it is a bug.

    There's no point raising a ticket if it is to ask if we are updating the DC-3. As I said above, we don't have the source code and it's too old, really. However, by all means try installing it in V5. No reason why it shouldn't work AFAIK, but textures may have issues. Hope that helps.

  • Hi Derek.
    Yes that helps. I've tried installing JFs DC3 in PD3v4. But of course it wont install because it can't find a directory or something. But hey thanks for replying. AH don't reply. Just have to put up with what I've got and make the best of it. Just would be nice to hear flaps and undercarriage working.

  • @Old-John

    In good 'ol FSX it was/is possible to use the 'sounds' for one aircraft to replace the 'sounds' in another aircraft - have you ever tried that? You edit a file "sound.cfg" to achieve this.

  • Hi RayM.
    Sounds good (oops sorry for pun) but I have no idea where to start. I am using P3Dv4.5. To play around in files I would need a lot of help.

  • Hello,
    I submitted a support ticket 2 days ago. How long can I expect to get a reply please? I have ordered an addon that is totally unusable at this stage... The addon itself even "tells" me to contact support.

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    It depends what the question is. We are certainly busier than normal at the moment. what's your ticket number?

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the reply. My ticket number is 40510 I believe.
    I purchased Flying Club 2018 and the PA28 is simply not working. It gives me an error message (within the simulator) to contact support. So far, I have not been able to enjoy the purchase I have made.
    Thank you.

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    That ticket came in on Sunday night. Someone is dealing with it and will be back to you when we have an answer or need more information.