Windscreen Milky in P3Dv5 HF1

  • The view through the cockpit windscreen is milky in P3Dv5 HF1, was not like this in P3Dv4. I think the changes LM made to how the PBR works may be the cause. I see the glass .dds files in the DR400 texture directory, there must be an easy way to replace them with clear files, no effects. Pictures of the view through the windscreen and the actual scenery view with no cockpit below.


    outside view.jpg

  • Same here, would be nice to have that disabled, totally unrealistic.

  • Is there support in this forums or does it take always more than 15 days to get a reply?

  • JF Staff

    @AnkH said in Windscreen Milky in P3Dv5 HF1:

    Is there support in this forums or does it take always more than 15 days to get a reply?

    If you need support your best bet is always to contact Just Flight direct.

    You can ask a question here:

  • @AnkH I submitted a support ticket for this issue, and got a quick reply.

    The reply stated: "The cloudiness you are seeing is the glass from the windscreen."

    Wow, I guess JF support thinks the customers are dumb as rocks. I had no idea I was looking through a windscreen in the DR400! And they also stated it is not going to be fixed! I was going to get the PA38 Tomahawk, but not now, as I don't have any confidence any issues would be fixed.

    Here's the quickest way to fix this fogged-up cloudy windscreen issue for now. The offending file is:
    \simobjects\airplanes\JF_DR400\texture\ Just rename the file by adding a .bak to the end of the filename, and it will be disabled, and the cloudiness will be gone. You will get an error message in the sim message line that a "CFG file is missing", but there are no ill effects, and the message will go away with the next message to come up on the line.

    I am going to and try to learn how to edit the .dds or create a new clear one, so the error message will be eliminated. I suspect a developer could correct this in just a few minutes, but if I am able to create a clear glass file I will post it on the freeware sites as a mod.

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    The development team are currently investigating this as it is likely to affect several of our aircraft in v5 due to changes in the way that it interprets PBR materials. We'll supply updates for any affected aircraft ASAP.

    Apologies for any communication from us to the contrary - all confirmed bugs/issues will be addressed in our products.