TB10/20 fitting the RXP GNS430/530 in the VC

  • This is a sort of reply to a question in the Archived Forum from December 2018! I'm a bit slow on the uptake at the best of times, but, with some help from the RXP forum, I've finally managed to successfully integrate the RXP GNS430 into the JF TB10. And it's a lot simpler than I realised (unless I'm missing something).

    Assuming you have the RXP GNS functioning in FSX/P3D, and added to the JF TB10/20, bring up the RXP configuration window (Shift+R click on the top edge of the GNS pop-up window), scroll down and make sure the 'Use Simulator GPS Commands' box is checked.

    Now replace the [Vcockpit02] section of the TB20 panel.cfg file with the following (back up/copy the original first!):


    gauge00=rxpGNS2!GNS_430_1, 0,0,537,290, NO_BEZEL

    Reload the aircraft and the buttons and knobs in the GPS should all be working, with the RXP screen showing.

    BTW, if you have any Carenado aircraft that has a GPS toggle switch (I have the Baron), by adding this line:
    "gauge01=BB58!Toggle_Gps, 247,92,189,112" to the above, it will permit clicking anywhere in the GNS VC screen to bring up and also minimise the GNS pop-up. A bit less strain on the eyes!

    Hope this is helpful to anyone choosing not to settle for the F1 GTN750!