Updates (v1.1 - 28/04/20)

  • JF Staff

    v1.1 - 28/04/20

    The v1.1 update is now available. Here are the significant changes:

    • Fixed transponder logic
    • Added fire extinguisher logic to glareshield engine fire warning buttons
    • Implemented ADF functionality
    • Refined functionality of retractable landing lights for increased realism
    • Revised annunciator light logic
    • Added full 3D cockpit lighting, with functional swivel lights, individual faders and dynamic illumination for incredible night flying experiences
    • Fixed alternator logic on AAPP panel
    • Manual correction
    • VR support for the 2D pop-ups added

    The update can be obtained using the Skunkcrafts updater or by downloading the latest zip from your account.