A alternative way to navigate

  • Hi i'm just wondering if we could possibly get more up to date nav equipment in a 2d panel like a civa ins unit or possibly gtn650/750 as i would love to do some longer flights on vatsim or pilotedge possibly even a cross the pond flight.

    I have seen in xh558 they have a very rudimentary gps in there looks like a old collins unit from what i can tell even that would help a bit.

    I would also like to keep the authenticity of the cockpit so maybe a toggle switch so we could choose between what navigation equipment could be used. It would also be great if this would be a option to couple the nav to the autopilot via the remote toggle in the cockpit.


    P.s great job on the plane so far defo my new favourite the soundset was worth the money alone ill never forget her last airshow as she began to leave that howl is something else many a grown man crying not many planes can do that.

  • Actually, an INS wouldn't be the first time in a Vulcan - the Carousel INS was fitted for the Black Buck raids!

  • The manual says about using the default X-Plane GPS and selecting REMOTE on the MFS navigation selector to turn it into a flight director. I've not tried it out but it says:

    "Although not fitted to the real aircraft, we have included the default GPS pop-up which can be used to track your
    progress – a useful substitute for the rear crew navigator!
    This can be accessed by assigning a keyboard or joystick button to ‘GNS NAV 1 toggle popup’ in ‘Navigation &
    Radios → GPS → G430/530 #1 (pilot)’ in X-Plane’s keyboard or joystick assignments window."

    Not sure whether the pitch pointer also works when this is selected.

  • @themexicannon

    I actually just bought the realityxp gtn 750 and i can confirm it is working with the autopilot in loc mode follows the flightplan perfectly flew edinburgh to east midlands for a short test then east midlands to alicante even the gs capture working aswell.