British Airways 747-136

  • This looks like a great add on in the making. Please ensure the BA 747-136 has 10 windows on the upper deck. Almost all their P&W 747s had 10 rather than 3 upper deck windows (certainly by the time they ended up in Landor livery). Would also be great to see these in BOAC and Negus liveries. Looking forward to this one!

  • Boac 747 136 had the 3 windows on the upper deck. Not sure if it was all of them though

  • I think It may well have varied aircraft by aircraft in the BA fleet. Certainly G-AWND, the aircraft destroyed in Kuwait, had the 10-window layout. It was definitely an optional upgrade available to all -100 operators. BA most definitely operated their -200 fleet with the 10-window layout as was the case for all but the early -200s, I would certainly like to see one of the BA -200s modelled, perhaps if JF get round to modelling a model with an FMS.

  • @SimeonWilbury
    Agreed a ‘typical’ RR powered -236 would be appreciated. There were certainly a few oddities in both their 100 and 200 fleets eg G-BMGS was a 200 srs with P&W engines and 3 upper desk windows. The devil is always in the detail!