• Just uploaded to textures for the DC8-73 in BAX Global paint scheme. First off I know N829BX was a -71. After flying for 16 years at Air Transport International, the owner/operator of the aircraft, I've got plenty of hours in the aircraft. But since Just Flight didn't feel it neccessary to make a 71 variant I had to go with what I had.

    I also changed the VC textures to add the SELCAL placard, removed the cross hatching in the VSI. Look in the screenshots folder. There's a special placard on the FE's panel. A shout out to my fellow "Freight Dogs". I also removed that green trim band. In my 20+ years with the DC8 I've only seen one aircraft with the green trim band. I think it was an ex KLM aircraft.

    N829BX-Construction Number (MSN) 45994, Line Number 387. Date of Manufacture August 1968. Delivered to United Airlines as a DC-8-61 and registered as N8090U. Converted to a -71 in the mid 1970's. This aircraft was operated by Kenya Airways (EI-BZU), Air Sweden (SE-DLH), Translift Airways (EI-BZU), Aero USA (N501SR). COnverted in January 1994 to a freighter at Aeronavale in Venice, Italy. Operated by Air Transport International for BAX Global until being scrapped in January 2010.fsx 2020-04-17 19-46-55-96.jpg fsx 2020-04-24 19-18-03-43.jpg fsx 2020-04-24 19-17-25-15.jpg fsx 2020-04-24 19-17-40-98.jpg

  • Very nice, and thanks for sharing! Great work...