DC3 Legends of Flight & P3D

  • Hi everybody. This is two questions in one. Do we know if Just Flight are going to make the Legends of Flight DC3 work in P3D? Secondly does anybody know if it is possible to make the current DC3 FSX run on P3Dv4. Let me explain. I only fly old prop stuff and because I live so close to the Battle of Britain Memorial flight and visit Coningsby regularly (Not at the minute or for the foreseeable future) I developed a love affair with the Dakota. Up until two & half years ago I flew the Just Flight DC3. But then, for some unknown reason my FSX stopped working so I bit the bullet and changed to P3D, I now fly a freeware DC3. Which is very good, But it is in USAF colours and does not have a working Sperry AP.