Malfunctioning Alternator

  • If I start with engines running or use the side menu button to go to engines running I end up with the #1 Alternator offline and not working properly. If you use the 2D ACP panel and test it by selecting #1 on the knob upper center and press the center button on that, the Voltage appears as the other Alternators, but the frequency does not.

    If I try and put it online it doesn't appear to share the load with the others.

    I have tried this on X-Plane 11.41 and 11.50b3, both with fresh installs of the aircraft.

    This screenshot is how it appears after a start with engines running.

    InkedX-System 4_19_2020 12_46_19 PM_LIB.jpg

  • Do you have the latest Vulcan version? My first install was an RC version, and there is a 1.0 version in Skunkcrafts update...


  • @demontraitor Yes I do have the 1.0 version.