Airbus collection and Concorde Pro - FS9

  • I recently obtained a new computer (Intel i5 8600k) running Win 10 and successfully installed FS9 with PMDG 737NG and F1 ATR 72/500 add-ons from their original discs but when I try to install JF Airbus collection and Concorde Pro from their original discs the set-up gets as far as the Install Shield box then just disappears off the screen and also from the Apps box in Task Manager. I am mystified. I tried making the installer exe file to run in Win XP compatibility and also in Win 7 which I had on my previous computers which installed and ran these add-ons, but still no luck.

    Any ideas please how I can get these installed?

  • JF Staff

    One of the features of Windows 10 is that it will block the installation of software from most copy-protected discs.

    If you contact Just Flight support they may be able to help, depending where you got your copies from.

  • Thanks Derek, I decided to see if I could simply copy all the installed files from the FS9 folder on my old computer onto the new one and that worked, though obviously the add-ons do not show up as installed in Control Panel. It seems Microsoft can prevent you from installing data programs you have legitimately on copy protected discs but not simply copying them from another computer (whether it is yours or not). How do their minds work?