ADF not working?

  • Hello, maybe I am doing something wrong, but even if i dial right freq. (or set via "M - map"), instrument on copilot side will not turn pointer to the NBD. Manual didn't help.

  • I'll try tomorrow

  • Hi, I still have problem with ADF. Did you tested it? I think, that ADF isnt working and HSI is bugged too. Honestly, whole plane is bugged. I didnt expect that low quality form JF after their "Pipers".

  • @gabelcz What else do you have issue with?

  • @gabelcz what's wrong with the HSI? I think the suggestion that 'the whole aircraft is bugged' may actually be indicative of the fact that this aircraft is very, very different rather than anything being wrong - if that's the case I'm happy to spend time discussing it with you to try and 'un-bug' it!


  • JF Staff

    It's a considerably more complex aircraft to develop than the GA, but that said, we have received very few support tickets since release so I'm not sure I can agree with the suggestion that the, "whole plane is bugged", and fortunately that isn't a view shared by our customers. The aircraft has been undergoing the same high standard of development and testing but we will of course address any bugs ASAP.

    We'll investigate this issue and get back to you shortly.

  • JF Staff

    We've fixed the ADF issue and the v1.1 update is currently undergoing some testing ahead of a release early next week.

  • @Martyn
    What is to be the expected response time framework for support tickets. I submitted a courteous one 5 days ago, ...and as yet, No reply!!

  • JF Staff


    Unfortunately, one of the aspects of the current situation is that a lot of people are stuck indoors and doing some virtual flying to pass the time - which, is, we think, a very good way to while away the hours. In many cases they have dug out stuff they haven't used in a while and we have an unprecedented number of support requests and this is causing delays to replies. We have seen the same thing happening to other developers and publishers. We are working through everything as fast as we can and we have extra staff helping out. However, replies are likely to take a little longer than usual.

  • @Delta558 hm... I tunned VOR freq and set desired course, but AP flies toward course, but not that I selected (for expample i set OBS to 060, but plane goes to 090, if i change to 090 plane go for 120...) like gyro isnt sync with magnetic north. hope you understand.