Using XP11 ATC with Traffic Global

  • Not currently using XP (FSXSE/TG) but after reading some earlier posts in this section of the forum, looking for clarification regarding the use of XP11 ATC in conjunction with TG for X-Plane

    Do I understand correctly, that in order to use the TG plug in for XP, that the ATC functionality must be completely disabled in XP resulting in the complete absence of ATC in XP?


    Is disabling the XP ATC required in order to allow the XP TCAS radar to properly display the airborne AI traffic?


  • Neither, really. You're free to keep using ATC if you want. The catch is that X-Plane's ATC is unaware of any external aircraft or even which flows/runways they are using, and there's no way to make it aware. All the information about this is published by TG so it's perfectly possible for third-party ATC systems to do this correctly.