VFR NextGen Not impressed

  • Having used Horizon Simulations for a number of years within FSX I thought I would update to the Next Gen for P3Dv4. I hate to say it but I am disappointed with Next Gen as it doesn't seem to come up to what I thought it would be, I am disappointed.
    It just seems the overall quality doesn't seem to come up to scratch.
    The scenery seems to have a juddering effect as the aircraft moves along. The settings are set within the scenery manager and to the recommendations.
    Hopefully when updates come along the quality will improve.

  • JF Staff

    @footes You shouldn't see any juddering - quite the opposite. Frame rates should improve. Are you using it in FSX or P3D?

  • @footes The scenery definitely isn't juddery, it is best performing UK photo scenery for P3D at the moment, certainly on my pc anyway, and my system is an old I7 3770k.