Engine instruments

  • I don't know if anyone has asked before, but is it possible to develop a selectable option of Vertical Tape instruments in front of the pilots in the 747 classic?
    Since you will supply liveries from, a.o. KLM and Martinair, you have to consider the fact that all their 747's had an engine group of vertical tape instruments.

    I am retired KLM Grnd Engineer and Test runner for the classic 747's. I would be happy to purchase your plane in the config. that I have known so well.

    Bst rgds,

    Below a cockpit photo in one of the first KLM 747 classics, PH-BUA or PH-BUB (1974)

  • It wouldn’t surprise me if they include these. They have already stated they will include different versions of the FPD as well as some other configuration options. They are definitely unique. TWA also had the vertical tapes.

  • You gave me hope. Thanks