Question about Aeroplane Heaven Boxcar C-119

  • I don't know how many people are using the Aeroplane Heaven C-119 boxcar add-on, but it seems hard to find any information on it. I just bought it recently. It is a real nice add-on and whoever made has gone to a lot of trouble to recreate the look and feel of this aircraft, and controls are surprisingly good.

    What I cannot figure out is how to get the VOR to work, if it indeed has one. According to the manual, gauge 28 is an RMI (ADF 1 + VOR 1) dial. But that's all I can find on it. Looking at it, it appears to be just an ADF with a single ADF needle.

    I tried setting the frequency of a nearby VOR using the NAV 1 receiver on the pedestal, but I couldn't find a needle anywhere that responded to it. This was at 12000 feet and a distance of about 10 nm from the VOR.