Crosswind behaviour on the ground

  • Hi,
    In a crosswind of 15knts the rudder is insufficient to maintain direction control on the ground. I understand the crosswind limit is 22knts for the DR400 so this shouldn't be a problem. I have tried this with standard rudder configuration and with FSCUIP controlling the rudder, but the same thing happens. I'm using ActiveSky latest version with standard settings, although the standard wind within P3D is exactly the same. In addition, gusts of only about 8knts really slew the DR400 with a sudden bang, both in the air and on the ground. Another thing I have noticed is that when using a lower cross wind speed (and therefore being able to keep the aircraft straight on the ground roll), the DR400 crabs along the runway as if it was airbourne and doesn't run straight down the cenntreline. I wonder if these problems suggest there is something wrong with the way the rudder is set up on this aircraft model? I would be grateful for any help solving this. Thanks very much.

  • Probably the old 'realistic coefficients against flightsim weather' problem, set turbulence and wind effects to around 15% in ActiveSky and you should see a significant improvement.