TB-10 and TB-20 impossible modification

  • Hello,

    I have just purchased the good old TB-10 & TB-20 aircraft that I fly with FSX Steam Edition. I just tried to change the aircraft.cfg to change a camera setting and since that time, the aircraft causes an FSX crash to desktop as soon as it is selected in FSX. It seems the aircraft is protected against any kind of modification, which is a pain because I would like to be able to add a camera...

    Am I the only one who noticed this or am I wrong?

    Thanks for your help,

  • @Eric-Marciano

    Sorry to hear that, Eric. I've made a number of changes to the aircraft.cfg (and .air file) since it came out, including to the camera settings without any problems.

    Perhaps re-installing will help. Certainly, on occasion, when selecting the aircraft, it doesn't load completely and some things don't work. Reloading it usually fixes it.

    I should add, this is with FSX/P3D. I don't have the Steam Edition.


  • Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your reply, I feel better now, feeling free to modify small things here and there in the aircraft. I realized this aircraft sometimes crahes FSX when starting even if nothing is changed in the aircraft, it is just not very stable. Each time the flight is saved and the panel state is saved, it crashes FSX the next time.
    This is because I use the "previous flight" (automatically saved by FSUIPC when I quit FSX) as the default starting flight.

    Thanks for your help,

  • Ty it with "Toggle panel state saving" set to off, and see how that goes. Although it may engender more frequent engine stoppages when the "Engine Oil quantity low" message pops up. I must say if I had an engine that used that much oil all the time, it would be back to the maintenance shop pronto! 😁

  • Yes, you're right, I should try to disable the panel state saving. I regret this because the idea is good, I implemented the same feature on the Wilco Airbus Series I developed, it was very convenient even if ti was working with FS2004 at that time.

    I agree with you, the oil consumption is far more than the real thing. I used to fly the TB-9 Tampico, the small brother of the TB-10, on which I passed my PPL and I confirm it didn't use so much oil 🙂