TB-10 and TB-20 GPS display problem

  • Hello,

    I have just purchased the TB-10 Tobago & TB-20 Trinidad that I fly with FSX Steam Edition. I have a problem with the Garmin GPS display, I am surprised that nobody else reported it...
    It is about the range adjustment with the range Up/Down buttons: whatever button I press, the range decreases, I can't increase it. So obviously when the minimum range is reached, the display is blocked because it can't be increased, making it unusable...

    Do you know if a fix exists for this?


  • Hi again Eric,

    That is a strange one. Is it just on the one in the VC cockpit or does the 2D popup window exhibit the same behaviour?

    The GPS bug that does upset me a little (ticket raised) is the HSI in GPS mode. It seems to be the same in the Duchess and Archer III, and perhaps all recent JF models with an HSI in the panel. The HSI works perfectly in VOR/ILS mode, but in GPS/RNAV mode, the beam bar lacks any sensitivity, so that you can be miles off the centreline, but the beam bar hardly moves from the centre!

    Fortunately, I've swapped one of the right-hand gauges (Stormscope) for the default Baron HSI, and that works perfectly in GPS mode. But it does mean I have to fly all my practice RNAV approaches from the right-hand seat! 😀


  • I am sorry, I forgot to update this discussion as I had a reply from the support: I just had to right-click the range button to increase the range. This is quite unusual when you have a button with 2 arrows, which is why I dodn't find the trick by myself, but it works. In addition, it is not consistent with the standard Garmin GPS 500 that is in the 2D popup window. Anyway, it works, I just regret I can't have the terrain display like on the standard GPS 500.

    Regarding the HSI problem you are talking about, I don't have it. I often fly using GPS guidance and the HSI works well, showing deviation from the programmed route. You still have to manually turn the needle to adjust it to the next waypoint bearing, but this is not a bug, it is normal and realistic.