Carenado H25B H850XP no FMD data.

  • Purchased this FSX unit yesterday for my FSXSE but the FMS data wont download so no flight plans etc. Checked in the PDF but it makes no reference (that I can find) regarding this problem. Is there a solution that I have missed or is this a known issue and if so the plane is pretty useless.
    As a foot note, I cleaned the file out and downloaded a new one and loaded it but alas same problem. I also see the CarenadoNavigraph folder with three files inside which I suspect it uses but not loading.
    Hope there is a solution as love the plane (even though it has no 2D) 🙂

  • @North_Star Hi.
    Have you got the navigraph main data update from navigraph , if so then you flight plan has to be entered manually via the CDU , as per the manual , which can be found in FSX under Carenado its in the first PDF page 5 is the start , it is not a very friendly CDU and is a bit quirky , its a while since i last flew this aircraft , the systems dont work fully as they should , and it does take a bit of getting used to , and watch you CG very carfully as its twitchy in pitch .
    regards alan cottrill.