Missing texture for Mosquito FB Mk VI

  • Hello,
    the texture.cfg's refer to a texturefile Texture.LM
    Somehow this file is missing with me, as a result the aircraft is not visible, although ij the selectionwindow it shows up.
    Can you please send this file to me ?

    Thanks in advance,
    with nkind regards,
    Piet de Geus

  • JF Staff

    Hi Piet,
    A LM texture is a night version of a texture, and is not likely to be the cause of this problem.
    More likely its one of two things - old graphics card drivers as these commonly cause textures to become transparent.
    The second possible cause is the product security failing. Try reinstalling to see if this fixes it.
    If not, our tech support team will be able to offer further assistance. https://support.justflight.com/en/support/home