VLJ panel issue. FSX:SE on Win 10.

  • Chaps.
    I've managed to get my old VLJ to work on FSX:SE but have one slight issue.
    The panel has a problem.


    The large black block in front of the CLS500-1 on the copilot's side.

    Any suggestions?
    Maybe editing the panel and placing the WX Radar in it's place?

  • JF Staff

    Hi Rick,
    Could you try a reinstall? Its been a while since I've looked at the VLJ but that might be a consequence of the product protection not working. If so then a reinstall should fix it.
    If not, our support team will be able to assist further: https://support.justflight.com/en/support/home

  • Ah! Yes, you're probably right Rich!
    I'd completely forgotten that one.
    I've also found another problem too.
    The window textures become opaque when it rains, therefore you can't see out!
    I've removed every texture, one at a time, to see if it still happens and it does.
    Could this be the same issue Rich?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Re-installed using Windows test mode.
    No difference I'm afraid Rich.
    Guess I'll have to ditch the VLJ 😞

    This screen grab also shows the blue glass textures when flying through cloud.

    alt text

  • JF Staff

    I've never used test mode before, but if it places any restrictions on what the installer can do then it might not be a good idea to use it for installing the VLJ. The installer needs to perform several operations such as writing to the registry, and the gauge needs to be able to read date in locations outside of the sim. If either of these operations are blocked then it can cause problems.

  • Hi Rich.
    I'll raise a ticket.
    I had trouble with an install back in January and James on the help desk gave me instructions.
    I've basically done the same again and it's still not working correctly.
    I appreciate it's an old addon, but it would nice to get it working on Win10 FSX:SE if possible.
    Thanks for your help, and I'll post back here with the results.

  • Ticket raised 🙂