D.C. Designs F-18

  • Good morning. I bought this the other day and use it in FSX SE. I note a couple of things and wondered if I had missed something in the manual (3 readings so far). First is no back seat views pressing A when in VC gets a view without any cockpit details. In similar vein there appears to be no way to select pilot in the VC. The two panel CFG seem to be the same so that may be something. Last is the auto flap capability. Is this supposed to function as no mention in manual.

    I was wondering if it’s a P3D vs FSX thing?

    Enjoy flying it but I could enjoy it more!



  • @jjdc Thanks for the info, the unavailable WSO position is a bug in FSX ( but not P3D, strangely ) that has been rectified - the GUID was not valid. An update with this fixed an many other goodies is due in a few days.

    The crew are made visible via the red Seat Arm button, right hand side panel, at the front. A similar button is in the WSO position also.