Air Hauler 2 X-Plane

  • Doesn't answer ypur question about pre-order, but seems like it will be releasing soon.

  • Brilliant thank you, Saffa_Jake, purchased this morning. Amazing timing as my new pc arrives in a few hours time as well! 🙂

  • JF Staff

    Yes to confirm it's now out and can be purchased here:

    Enjoy and good luck with your new business! 🙂

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  • Hello,

    Is it possible to add more liveries or to change your aircraft livery?
    I cant find it so i was wondering it in the game?

  • Hi,

    I purchased Air hauler v1 for x-plane a few years ago and found it an extremely well written and intuitive piece of software. I used it continuously over many months and built up a small empire with a few planes and a few pilots. Within a short time I had a considerable fortune and 12 planes.

    Unfortunately I was away from my PC for 2 months due to a family problem and missed my AH experiences. When I returned I fired AH up and all of my fortune was wiped out as the software calculated all the wages, lease costs etc. I was left with a negative amount. I tried to find out if there was a way to stop this happening and was advised to rest my windows clock back to when I last played AH. Not a good idea.

    Will Air hauler 2 for x-plane suffer the same problem? Sometimes we cannot play with these games in real time and have to be away from the PC for weeks on end. It is frustrating and I gave up on AH 1. I would like to buy AH2 but am concerned.


  • Hello,
    please make the instruction window in the sim visible in VR, currently it's not which is a bit of a problem when doing something like type rating. At least the instructions are logged in the message log so by checking the desktop in VR I can at least see what instructions I've been given but still it would be nice if the window was visible in VR.

    edit: Actually I noticed there is a TTS option which might be good in VR.

    Also I agree with previous post by Mike - I also sometimes don't fly for a month or two so it would be nice if there was an option to "pause" the AH2 company simulation so we don't lose all money when RL does not permit us simming.

    Thank you.

  • JF Staff


    For AH2 help, both technical and otherwise, best to post in the dedicated forum, which is here.

    Thank you

  • @lanmancz You can use MoveVR to capture the AH2 Information window. It will only let you import into VR when it is active, so pause the sim as soon as it appears. If you miss the messages, you will see the messages logged in the AH2 Tracker.

    The AH2 Information widow appears when you first enter the aircraft, when you start taxiing, and shortly after takeoff.

  • @Voice-of-Reason You need a separate login for that ? My JF community login does not seem to work.

    Anyway speaking about the TTS option, it's nice and quite immersive in VR, I'd say better than even having the window in VR, but can we please get more options for the TTS to make it less verbose ? I just did a bit of a rough flight and it quickly became very annoying (and it can't be turned off while inflight). First of all I'd like to limit the amount of messages I get before boarding - I really do not need to know every second that that "Boarding will begin in 59 seconds, boarding will begin in 58 seconds, boarding will begin in 57 seconds", etc. Just tell me that boarding will begin in 1 minute would be good. Also I was flying through a bit of a turbulence and I got constant warnings that I'm making passengers uncomfortable - again, telling me once and then having a 5 minute timeout for this message is plenty enough - having it constantly yelling at me for 20 minutes straight, one message right after another, got annoying really fast. So I'd like to propose some sort of timeout setting that will prevent the same message type being repeated more than once per X minutes.

  • @lanmancz I agree. The 60 second count down is annoying. I usually manually advance the clock to pick a time between loading and takeoff. Unfortunately, the window is not persistent like the other one. It would be easier to add it with MoveVR if it remained open for the duration of the flight. The updates are important, especially if you have an equipment malfunction or hit turbulence, upsetting your passengers along the way.