Air Hauler 2 X-Plane

  • Hello,
    I read that prepar3d users see there ui planes on there base airports parked, taxing or landing. Is that posible and will that also be the case in xplane 11?


  • I have gone with another platform instead of this, if it takes this long to develop then updates after release are unlikely. Also no current plans for MSFS2020 support and even if there was 3 years for xplane 11 support suggests there would be a fair waiting time.
    Surely using the same application that already exists and just creating a plugin to interface with xplane would have been the best option as with other platforms I use, this is what is usually done.
    Why split the player base if it ends up being 2 separate worlds.
    Also it sounds like this isn't truly multiplayer, think I will give it a miss.

  • JF Staff

    @ULFT This is being developed by a third party developer who developed all other versions of Air Hauler. He is extremely skilled and the program when it arrives will be well worth the wait. But the person in question DOES NOT work full time in flight simulation development. He has another full-time job and a family to look after and cater for. Development of this was and is very much on the developer's terms, something we've always been aware of. We have never categorically given a release date, we have given estimates when users have asked but haven't given a date as yet. Not sure where you have got your information on that it's been in development for 3 years for XPlane, that's not the case but it's probably somewhere between 12 to 16 months on and off due to the information I've given you above.

    The program is currently undergoing final testing with just a few small issues and features to be ironed out. Given the complexity of the program and the fact that developing this kind of add-on/app for X-Plane is at times a thankless task, rest assured, our developer has done a brilliant job to get to this point.

    We hope we can release it soon, maybe even this month, that's our target but that's all it is, it's not a commitment.

    Thank you.

  • JF Staff

    @ChickenDipper See other reply but your claims and thoughts are way off the mark, just trust us on that.

    Good day and stay safe!

  • JF Staff

    @ULFT We're just replying to you to give you some facts that might help answer your questions. There might be talk of XP development three years ago, maybe before that but just to assure you, any development work most certainly didn't start then. To be honest even if it had we'd still not be able to guarantee a completion and release date for it.

    Our behaviour towards the community is anything but unfriendly and you're suggesting we've promised something and there's no result. We're just telling you we've not promised anything, you have mentioned this so you have to expect an answer and maybe the answers will help you understand things a bit more> That's the intention.

    We've nothing to tell the community about don't want/can't or indeed that nothing will come because it will come and it'll be worth the wait. If you feel you're hanging-around, we're sorry, but that's just how things are with software development, the add-on is a complex one, not simple to development and it will take time to get right and complete.

    Hope that helps you. All the best.

  • I remember that i asked the dev team a year or 2 ago, dont remerber the exact date if there where plans for ah2 for xplane 11, they anser me at that time that there where not plans at that time because it was difficult the covert it to xplane 11. But am happy that they work on it now. But i guess a lot of people will make the jump to fs2020 and i hope they will also make it for fs2020 within a short time. I have it for prepar3d and will get it for xplane 11 too, and i hope also for fs2020. Greetings from Belgium

  • JF Staff

    @ULFT said in Air Hauler 2 X-Plane:

    Also from me again: I never asked for a promised date for publication. I only asked whether a result can be foreseen at some point after 3 years of announcement. I think I am not just asking this question. What I and I also believe that I am not alone in finding it wrong to keep the community waiting so long after an announcement. A simple message like: be patient, it's our turn, but is still going on, it wouldn't have been that difficult.

    Finally, I think that it will be allowed to write critical comments in this forum.

    We announced it in November 2019.

    People have been speculating about whether there would be a version for X-Plane ever since AH2 was released and again when it came out of Early Access. However, we have never officially committed to doing a version and in reply to a couple of queries in the past we said it was unlikely because the developer was unable to justify the volume of work for such a small market - based on the uptake of AH1 on XP10, which was pretty low. However, the increase in X-Plane 11 use over the last few years has made it viable, but, rest assured, we did NOT announce anything three years ago.

  • JF Staff

    @witte76 Thanks for the message and glad you're enjoying it. No promises on MS2020 at the moment, no decision on that one yet.

    Thanks again.

  • I distinctly remember being pleasantly surprised at the announcement back in November because we were told it most likely wasn't going to happen for XP11 and as time went on, I really wasn't expecting that to change. Here we are 6 months later and we are getting close to release. I don't think we have anything to complain about.

  • JF Staff

    @PaulRix Thanks for that and yes we agree the dev has worked wonders. Release not too far away.

  • I understand the frustration. I have AH1 for Xplane and AH2 for FSX and have been pushing for an Xplane version since AH2 was in early access. XPlane is really the only option for me since I prefer to fly in VR. It's clear the developer has been working through the issues and it will drop any day. If it matters, I offer to help test, if this is released as early access. The developer has never made any promises and mentioned a long time ago about the differences in how the sims connect. I would expect we will be running into a similar situation when FS2020 is available. Patiently awaiting clearance to taxi.

  • JF Staff

    @Takesix You shouoldn't have that long to wait now but as usual we can't give any official date out until we're certain ourselves that we're good to go. Thanks for the patience and interest.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for bringing AirHauler2 for Xplane11, but it’s been kind of disappointing in terms of release date or keeping update with what’s going on . I am sure even you guys want to get it out as soon as you’ll know all good to go . Unfortunately it’s just one person who gets info from the developer and he does he’s best to inform the customers. I know for sure it will be price tag at least £50 or more but there should be a way how it could be done rather than having so many release date suggestions here and there but nothing happens at the end.
    Yes , when you’ll done it’s when you’ll will think of releasing it , but there a customer again who will have to buy your product they also want a clear picture with what’s going on. It was suggested a release date first half of May but now it’s completely gone quite .
    Communication wise it’s just been poor .

    Thank you .

  • You would think there is a larger market out there for this stuff. The sim developers are so focused on making their product realistic that the completely overlook the reasons for flying. I like having a reason for flying and completing a mission. I would expect that there could be multiple versions of this stuff with various objectives to keep flying challenging.

  • I feel bad for these JF guys when we ask questions they do there best to answer us with very little knowledge they have with the development and the current situation . The developer never comes out to make a comment let the customer know what’s going on .

  • JF Staff

    @Dilshaan68 I guess you're one and the same who is posting in the forum? If so I have replied to you there now, if you wish to take a look rather than repeating myself here.

    Price will be nowhere near £50 - bit of good news for you today. 🙂

  • @Voice-of-Reason
    Thank you for reply yes I have read your thread in Xplane org. Doesn’t really matter how much it will be priced it’s just want to get this product badly as it sounds that good. Hopefully everything will go well and hope to have good news soon.


  • Hello,
    one question pls - is it going to require online/server-side processing or is it capable of running completely offline ? This is not clear to me from the product description.

  • JF Staff

    @lanmancz It's capable of running completely offline, however, map tiles for the map views are downloaded from the internet - but they cache, so only need to be downloaded once. i.e. you can disconnect from the internet after you have used the map for a bit. VA stuff obviously needs the internet also.

    So yes, you can, with a few caveats and having online availability will always help.

    Hope that helps.

  • Just a simple question. When AH2XP is finished and ready for release, will there be an announcement before it is ready to purchase, or will it be ready for purchase as soon as it is done?