Do the Dev's bother reading this forum?

  • I downloaded the latest update at the weekend and I have now uninstalled the add-on as there are many bugs. I have given up trying to report things and get help because the Dev's never seem to read this forum and the one on the Org.
    I have already mentioned the Medium category aircraft taxi too fast on arrival, no reply. The wind given when you press END to get runway in use and gate is about 60 degrees off compared to my weather. Pseudo ATC when I departed EGCC the other day gave the correct runway direction-wise(23R), but the wrong one according to the ATC flow(23L). Then upon reaching 23L, there were 3 arrivals into 05R!
    I will not use this until things improve and Dev's, please take the time to address peoples issues on this forum or I for one will leave Just Flight products well alone in the future.

  • JF Staff

    Hi there

    I'm afraid we can't do support via forums. It simply doesn't work. The forum is really just there for customers to discuss products, make suggestions and chat. We've tried our best to make this as clear as possible:

    We do try and reply to posts in the .org forum as best we can but, again, if you want a direct answer we can usually answer direct via Support.

    If you have ANY sort of question, comment or observation on our products we're only too happy to help via our Support team. That will guarantee a reply and it also means we can discuss your exact setup if you are experiencing issues that don't seem to be replicated by other users - hence why we don't use forums.

  • I had an issue last weekend which turned out to be a more general FSX issue rather than an actual JF product. But not only did JF continue to offer support but I got a reply on Sunday morning. Log a ticket and you'll get first class support.

  • I have logged a ticket with them. Only had an auto-acknowledgement from them, nothing else.