Duchess weather radar and Active Sky not playing well together

  • This is in P3Dv4.4, with ASP4 (updated for 4.4) plus ASCA..

    I should say right at the top, this isn't a problem for me since I never use a weather radar anyway, regardless of what plane it comes in. But I thought I should mention.

    If I have both the Duchess' weather radar and Active Sky on, there are extreme regular stutters every second or so, with the fps dropping to low single digits, and then shooting back up again.

    If I turn AS off and leave the weather radar on, or if I leave AS on and disable the weather radar (comment out the call line in the panel.cfg), the Duchess ' fps are as steady and as high as can be.

    Simply turning off the weather radar in the plane makes no difference. I also tried downloading and reinstalling a second time, but it made no difference.

    At present, I've just left the weather radar disabled. Since no one seems to have mentioned before, this may just be something on my machine.

    Otherwise this is a fantastic aircraft, which I really do enjoy flying.

    Thanks - Bob

  • I have submitted a ticket, on the WX8 Stormscope!

    On the real aircraft it receives lightning discharges that is electromagnetic radiation, indicating intensity and range of the lightning, ie storm!