Discount for new SWS F-4B/N Phantom II PBR for owners of old non-PBR version?

  • I previously purchased the original SWS F-4B/N Phantom II from Just Flight some time ago. Per comments from the developer,
    and as per other retailers offering the new SWS Phantom II PBR, purchasers of the original SWS Phamtom II should receive a
    discount if they decide to purchase the new Phantom II PBR. I believe the discount is 50%

    I don't see a mention of this discount on the Just Flight Phantom II PBR product page, and when I added to the cart and went to
    checkout, no discount showed up.

    Is Just Flight planning to offer this discount? I honestly couldn't afford otherwise.

    Thanks - Bob

  • JF Staff


    Existing owners have been emailed with a discount code. Check your spam box.

  • Thanks for replying Derek. Do you know when the email was sent? Was it sent under the Just Flight name, or under a different name?
    I checked all my deleted items back to mid-February (as far back as deleted items are saved on my system)), and couldn't see any
    Just Flight email with that info.

    Would it maybe just be better to open a support ticket?

    Thanks again for your reply.


  • JF Staff

    @BBCM What's your email address? We can check for you. Emails were sent on Monday of this week.

  • Thanks VoR. I double checked both Monday and Sunday, and while I had a couple of advertising emails from JF (one for Mac for Traffic
    Global XP11 and another advising of the REX sale), there were no emails advising of a discount offer.

    I'll send a Support Ticket then to your attention with my email, and order number and date for my purchase of the original SWS Phatom II.

    I've always been told it's unwise to provide your personal email on a public forum, even one no doubt as secure as the JF forum, unless you
    want more spam in your inbox than you ever though it was electronically possible to send.

    Thanks again for your reply


  • Thanks everyone in Customer Support! New email with Discount Code received.