Ants Winjeal aircraft question

  • This looks amazing and a bargain. Does anyone know if there is any NDB or VOR navigation in this aircraft?

    It looks like they flew it on compass and dead reckoning, he man stuff eh?


  • Another big question before I buy. Is this version 1.4?

    The latest file version for p3dv4.5 is version 1.4, which uses PBR lighting?


  • @charlie130 for anyone reading, I'll answer myself. Since I've purchased it from JF.

    Yes the Just Flight download of Ants Winjeal is the latest version 1.4. This gives full PBR compatibility with P3dv4.4+.

    As for the Ants Winjeal, wow! Everyone needs to buy this simulation. It's a superb piece of programming and comes with an interactive manual. Interactive inasmuch that clicking on an item takes you visually to the item and let's you learn exactly where it is and what it does.

    Navigation is by magnetic compass, gyro compass and dead reckoning. If you fancy a challenge and can read maps. Or you can imagine you own it in 2020 and opt for the shift+4 Garmin, or if your posh, add the F1 GTN 750 as a pop up.

    The flight model is truly superb. With full realism settings in P3d4.5 and Active Sky real weather, you can home your flying skills. Remember this aircraft was the training aircraft for the Royal Australian Air force from 1955 to 1975, which should tell you a lot about its prowess as a trainer. It had very forgiving manners and this is simulated here. The sim also has a built in memory of how you fly. Like A2A but more realistic, if I may be do bold. This is the real McCoy, treat the 7 cylinder junior wasp badly and it will let you know.

    Ant has modelled windshield rain and ice effects. The cockpit is photo real (no cartoon drawings of switches) and has IV lighting of the instruments at night, so accurate that the UV light removes the green, in range, zone on the carb heat!

    I now must look to buy his other models. All here on Just Flights store. I've just rediscovered my passion for flight Sims thanks to an Aussie called Ant!



  • @charlie130

    I think I like this sim!😁