Rain and ice on windshield

  • We have had rain effect in some sort or other, from early FSX. Some may even recall the windshield rain and ice on the FSX Jetstream, on windshield and leading edge surfaces.

    With tech like Real light and Rainmaker, I would like to see all ad on aircraft developers employing rain and ice on windshield and airframes.

    Ants aircraft have a rain effect, at a very good price indeed! Yet we see expensive add ons with none.

    With real world weather available, it seems unrealistic to fly through a squall and still have a clear windshield, so hopefully more Devs will catch on.

    Just my twopenneth?😉

    Best regards.

  • If your talking FSX then you have the VAS problem with 32bit the more you add to an aircraft then the more likely you will hit this problem, 64bit sims do have rain effect on addons but again it comes at a price.

  • @Ray-Fry Yes I am talking about P3dv4.5, which Ive migrated to!

    I see Ants aircraft all have rain effects on the windshield and ice also on the Winjeal. Great for a single dev to add this for such a low price! We cant all afford PMDG prices to get rain on the windshield?