More problems Help please.

  • I have found issues that other people don't seem to have, or maybe they only take off or land and park. I enjoy spending time at airports watching the traffic flow. I started a flight at EGKK Gatwick and only had 6 aircraft this is busiest single runway airport in the world. I was using Aerosoft version, I switched to Pilot Plus version and had same problem, I then switched to basic EGKK and the traffic worked. I hope that this programme will be updated to correct errors as I cannot afford to buy airports until I find one that works with traffic. Second problem is in some ways worse, I have tried it at EGLL Aerosoft Mega airport and the programme works, however if aircraft are pushing back and another aircraft is approaching on taxiway both planes come to a standstill resulting in a long queue of traffic. Also occurs at taxiways crossing each other, planes from two directions both stop and remain that way. Eventually airport comes to a standstill.
    I surely cannot be the only person with this problem?? Finally some aircraft landing at Gatwick when they reach the turnoff point they spin round and taxi back down the runway and then take the first exit.