Issue starting engine after battery voltage drop and subsequent recharge

  • Hi all,

    x-plane 11 on Mac, JustFlight PA28 Warrior II v1.6.
    (I haven't upgraded to 1.7 yet as I understand there is an issue with the pressure setting units.)

    From cold, I've no issues starting the plane - all is fine.
    However, if I turn on my battery, avionics etc without starting the engine, and let the voltage drop down over time and then hit the recharge button in the JustFlight popup window, I can't get the plane to start.
    Fuel tank is correctly selected; fuel pump on; fuel pressure good; mixture rich; throttle slightly forward, etc. The engine turns over and prop turns slowly but engine doesn't start.
    If I correctly understand it, the only issue leaving the battery on without the engine for a while is the discharging battery, which is corrected with the 'recharge' button.
    Should I be doing something with the primer? Or something else?

    I know I can hit the Just Flight control panel button to burst everything into life, and that works. But I wanted to know if this is a bug or something in the startup I'm not understanding and missing or something that v1.7 fixes.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Must admit, I have problems starting the engines, I fully shut down the plane when I finish with it, but usually end up going back go flight config, customise plane and tick s the load with engines started option.