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  • As an expert on the 747 Classic, I quickly noticed many details in the various screenshots that are symbolic of various airline configurations of the 747. For example, many design elements are taken from the Japan Air Lines (later Transaero) 747-300 cockpit configuration. The FE panel has a number of elements from N7470, which as many know, is the very 1st 747 ever built.

    Now, obviously, there are configurations in the screenshots that caught my eye immediately that are wrong and do not go together. However, you’ll notice that things have changed from the first and intermediate sets of cockpit photos. Also, the description page of the JF website mentions panels/buttons that are not even in the current cockpit photos. For example, the description page mentions the EPR/Speed/Mach Hold buttons being part of the product. You’ll notice the TRC does not have these buttons in the most recent shots. Another example being the Channel C Warning Annunciators lights that have surfaced in newer shots, but were missing in earlier shots. (These are only on acft with 3 autopilot channels, btw).

    So while there is obviously mismatched equipment in the photos being shown, keep in mind, it is most likely still in development and these are most likely placeholders used for testing, sizing, etc. On a positive note, all of this tells me that they will likely have various cockpit configurations to choose from upon release. I’ve recognized a bunch of anomalies, but have full confidence these will be correct for release. Exciting times ahead for us 747 Classic lovers!

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    Thanks for the feedback. We're glad to see your excitement for the product!

    The aircraft is still very much in development so you'll see various changes and differences in the cockpit and exterior model configurations among the screenshots. The in-development page description/features are also subject to change as we progress towards release and test which configurations will work best in the simulation environment.


  • I swear, on Felis’s B742 Project, the biggest headache we’ve had was determining what equipment goes together. The 747 Classic had more options & variations between models/years/customers than any other aircraft in history, making this part of a project an absolute nightmare to get right. Hats off to you all!

  • Does this mean we are now going to have to have a different panel for every customer on the classic. That will be some undertaking.

  • @Oskar3058 said in Just A Thought:

    Does this mean we are now going to have to have a different panel for every customer on the classic. That will be some undertaking.

    Very unlikely. I’m just pointing out that they have modeled and shown different configurations and different panels in each update. So we may have a few different options to choose from. Another one that comes up is the presence of two different flight recorders in the latest shots. They have the AIDS system (which was a very common system in the 80s, and offered from the factory on 747s during this period) and also an aftermarket flight recorder which is present on N7470. So, while there is no reason to have both, they have modeled them. So, it tells us that they are playing around with different configurations and pieces of equipment! So we may get some different options. But, to do all of them, would be impractical as there were literally hundreds.

    Even within United’s fleet of 747 Classics (which are the ones I’m most familiar with), there were many airframes that were a bit different than the others, even though they were placed in the same order! Some had a Zone 1 recirculation fan, some didn’t. Some had hydraulic temperature indicators, some didn’t. Some had a humidifier switch, some didn’t. These are just a few of the different options. Keep in mind, the 747 Classic started in 1970 and was made until the very early 1990s. This time period had a lot of advances in technology and the 747 eventually incorporated most of them in some form or another.

  • Yeah since the prototype, the advances, throughout the classics life in technology is immense, so yeah totally agree. I would love to see the 70A engines as an option though.