Warrior II really slowing down my machine

  • I just purchased the FSX Just Flight Warrior II and when selecting the plane it loads way slower than other planes and when I start a flight it causes the sim to run very choppy. I even tried to turn down setting to see what the issues could be. Computer specs are not the issue. I am running XPlane11 at almost max setting with no issues and this does not happen with other FSX planes.

    i7 8700k
    Asus Z370-E
    32gb mem
    Nvida 1080 graphics

  • @rowdog_14

    Confused. You are using an X-Plane simulator and expect it to work with FSX aircraft?
    Perhaps you could confirm the sim... and the version?

  • JF Staff

    Could you try right clicking on your FSX icon, go to Properties and ensure that the "Run in Compatibility Mode" option ISN'T enabled. Any better?

  • Been having the same problem on FSX: Steam edition. Really bad micro-stutters. It's really annoying as I fly the warrior a lot to practice because I'm doing my PPL in it IRL. Tried @Rich suggestion but couldn't find the ''Run in Compatibility Mode'' option.

  • @flyingturtle98
    Try right-clicking and select 'Properties' and go to the 'Compatibility' tab?

  • @RayM went to properties and there was no compatibility tab.

  • JF Staff

    You need to make sure you are clicking on the actual fsx.exe and not the shortcut to it, otherwise you'll just be accessing the menu options for the shortcut file itself.
    By default it's going to be in something like <Drive letter>\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX, unless you changed the install location to install to a custom location.

  • Ok, I found the compatibility thing, but it's unticked and I'm still having issues. all my other aircraft(A2A, Aerosoft, PMDG, Carenado) run smooth. The JustFlight Arrow has smooth fps. I don't know why the Warrior has such an affect on sim performance.

  • Please Justflight can you release a hotfix or something that fixes the broken gps and stutter issue, It's a lovely addon, it really is, flies just like EI-DJM my school's Warrior. But this stutter is driving me up the wall and sideways.

  • JF Staff


    What's the broken GPS all about? Is it something that's been reported?

  • @Derek Not sure if it's been reported but, There are no clickspots on any of the GPS options for the Warrior. I can't turn them on and use them.

  • JF Staff

    I've just installed the latest version of the Warrior into FSX:SE and I can't reproduce either the stutters or the clickspot issue - the GPS 100 and Flight1 units have clickspots.

    Can you submit a support ticket via the website so that we can investigate further?