Tfc Global and Tfc flows

  • So I'm really enjoying this product. Finally some airports which are alive. The only problem I'm having is with wind calm ops. I'll use Boise, Idaho as my example. (KBOI) Pertains to ATC routing with WED tools. I can not get the AI aircraft to taxi / Take off and Land in the correct direction. I'm trying to set a wind calm condition. For this example, I'm going to use the gateways scenery for Boise Int, Idaho. (KBOI). I am trying to get all the AI to take off and land with an East flow for wind calm Ops. So I was selecting a wind restriction for both 10L and 10R for up to 10 knots regardless of wind direction all AI would take off and land east. So I set the wind for out of the west crs 280 wind speed 6 kts and the AI still taxi and take off on the 28R. No matter what I do, they always take off on the 28's if there is any kind of wind out of the west.. here is a Screen shot of how I'm trying to set up the airport. If anyone can assist me with this that would be great and maybe also attach a screen shot of how you have yours set up. I also tried setting the initial wind rule as 10 kts, with winds 0-360. That didn't make any difference either. If you set the time for 12:45pm. you will have an american flight. taxi'ing to the runway. I can not figure out how to get this guy to taxi to 10L with a 6 knots wind of of the West. Thanks for any Help you can offer. Dave! ok click this link to see the same question on the org. This won't allow me to upload a picture. But I was able on the Org.