• Hello forum,
    this is my first call out for help on the forum. I have some troubles with my Robin DR400, which I don't have with my other GA aircrafts (Standard C172, Just Flight Turbo Arrow III and the Dreamfoil Embrear EMB-110). It is impossible to fly strait without giving right aileron. In other words: the minute I let go of the yoke the plain starts to deviate to the left. You can see what I mean in the video at 15 sec.and a second time - after correcting with the aileron input, at 55 sec. into the recording.
    All weather is "clear" and the flightcontroles are callibrated. Both fuel tanks are "full" so no imbalance there. Does anyone know what is happening?

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to watch this short video.

    Regards from Holland ! 2020.01.13 -

  • JF Staff

    Hi there

    Just Flight don't do Support via forums - it's just general chat and discussion of products etc. If you have any problems with Just Flight or Just Trains software there is a dedicated support area available with FAQs and the opportunity to ask questions. It's possible that one of the forum members may be able to help but, if not, your best bet is to contact Just Flight direct.