Speed in Kmh instead of Knots?

  • Hello.
    I'm a student pilot in Paris with around 50h of flight time and the DR400 is the plane I fly.
    I use P3Dv4 with FranceVFR addons to actually train my navigations quite realistically and generally train before each flight lesson.

    This product is very well done and I'm looking forward to use it from now on as my DR400 for my simulations prior to my flight lessons.

    That being said:
    The real DR400 used in French airclubs like the one I fly have air speed indicators with main indication in Kilometres per hour (with a smaller inner arc in knots akso, for reference in navigation calculations among other)
    So basically all my flight training is done in kilometers for reference speeds for take off, approach and landing, etc, and using knots for navigation calculations. Therefore it is been difficult to use this product for my training as all my reference speeds are in kmh in my head.

    Could you allow an optional cockpit panel setting with air speed indicator in Kmh mainly (and smaller indication in kts)?

    Looking forward to your response

    Best regards and thanks again for this great product.!

  • Just installed the 1.2 update to correct baro setting from Europe to North America. Still reads European standard. P3D settings to local.

  • The idea would be to have an optional panel with an air speed indicators with both Kmh and Kts as the one from the picture below (from the DR400 I usually fly near Paris). Regards
    Airspeed DR400 FR.jpg