• I have a few questions about the C46 Commando
    I cannot move the landing gear handle to the latched position from the Neutral position. When I try the handle only goes to the "Retracted" position.

    Before takeoff check list states to put cowl flaps in the Trail position. What does this mean?

    The mixture setting for Cruise is auto lean, but when I do this I get the message that my mixture is not set correctly. If I put the mixture setting to auto rich the message goes away.

  • Trail means the cowl flaps are not under load from the hydraulic system on eitther side (open or close) and are technically unpowered - don't think this can be simulated in FSX or P3D so it usually implies open to about 5-10%.

    Auto Lean is NOT simulated in the sim, so it follows the instructions get in a muddle. Follow the check list and switch off the garbled rubbish the sim is telling you.

    Can't tell you about the gear handle?
    Obviously, the gear position is two position not the three position of the real bird. Again this is take pressure off the hydraulic system.

  • I was flying this last night. Gear handle does have 3 positions. Fully up is "Retracted" Fully Down is "Extended" and in the middle is "Neutral". While Taxiing the handle should be in the "Extended" or fully down position. When you raise the gear you need to put it back into "neutral" afterwards.

    The above was working for me last night.

    I did have problems with the Autopilot and VS speed adjustment though. Once I got to 10,500ft, the VS Speed dial stopped working. So i'm stuck at 10,500ft unless I take of auto pilot and do it myself.