AFCAD files in Traffic Global

  • Dear Forum,

    I have a conflicting problem using Traffic Global and Manchester UK2000 whereby the AI in TG land on runway 5R and takoff on the same runway 23L leaving runway 5L and 23R completely unused. Even witth the wind set to 20+ knots it doesn't change and this just isn't right. I've read online it's a conflict between the TG and UK2000 AFCAD files.

    Can anyone confirm and help me to resolve this conflict please?

  • As far as I know Traffic Global relies on what the X-Plane airport tells it. What you explain here is called the ATC traffic flow rules. When a designer does a scenery they should define the traffic flow to use certain runways under certain wind and time rules. This is clearly wrong for EGCC, so is down to the designer(as this is commercial add-on scenery). If it was a gateway airport you could do it yourself in WED, if you learnt how to do so. I do scenery for the Gateway and know how to do these flow rules, so I would expect somebody who charges for their scenery to know how to do it correctly.