Dark GTN650

  • The screen in VR for the GTN 650 is very dark. Can it be lightened?

  • The GTN 750 is very dark also.. agree that it should be lightened.
    At least in daytime.... at night, it is fine.

    Edit: If you have the RXP GTN unit, you can adjust screen brightness separately for the VC and popup.. Adding +30 to the VC brightness setting solves the issue..

  • @Bert-Pieke

    Here's pictures in P3Dv5 HF1. The GTN brightness is set to 100% in the F1GTNConfig tool. Looks great as a popup,
    but dark in the panel.


    GTN750 popup.jpg

  • @Bert-Pieke

    I created a support ticket for this issue, but they didn't reply and just deleted it.

  • JF Staff

    @scubaboy said in Dark GTN650:


    I created a support ticket for this issue, but they didn't reply and just deleted it.

    The only way you would know if we'd deleted a ticket is if you have access to our support system - which you don't. What was the ticket number?

  • @Derek Well I guess I have to state the obvious in response to your customer-hostile response.

    As a customer, I have access to the customer-facing part of the support system, so I CAN see my tickets and any responses.

    I submitted two tickets, #40554 & #40555. I got an email notification of a response to #40555. I logged onto the support system and read the response (which was insulting, showing JF support has a low opinion of their customers, and indicated the problem I reported will not be fixed). #40554 was not in the list of my tickets.

    I just searched for #40554 and found that it was not actually deleted, but closed with no response given, so effectively the same as deleting it.

    I WAS going to purchase the PA38 Tomahawk for P3Dv5, but given the poor opinion JF support has of customers, and the lack of willingness to fix issues arising in the new v5, I will not be giving JF any more of my business.

  • JF Staff

    This is being investigated by the development team as it's likely to affect all of our aircraft that include GTN/GNS integration. We have little control over those units though beyond toggling their visibility and pre-configuring the same cfg settings that you can control, so this might require a fix from Flight1.

    Apologies for any communication from us to the contrary - all confirmed bugs/issues will be addressed in our products.